#This is about a girl named Nurul Fatirah. Was born on 1st December 1995. Surrounded by wonderful family and friends ;)

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Monday, March 15


Now , i have new name Fatty . Ekaa call me with that name now , that funny tahu (!) HAHA btw nice gk , thanks sayangg :D tringt time i grade6 i same class with Anas . His call me Maksalleh Celup , kau mmg xgne . Now , his still call me that . grr =.= && bkn tuu jee . Husnie call me Budak Kecik , you jaat tahu (!) i know laa , i short etc etc . gee -.- bling kang , HAHA . Tito lak call me Amoi , his say "your hair like Amoi" haishhh , kau niy mcm2 laa . My cousin say my face same with artist korean . look her . same kaa ? HAHA :D