#This is about a girl named Nurul Fatirah. Was born on 1st December 1995. Surrounded by wonderful family and friends ;)

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Thursday, March 11


Alice In Wonderland psp signature wallpaper Pictures, Images and Photos
Tahu x , td exam math paper2 susa laa . Serius lpe formula dye , tkut nye failed . Hrphrp xfailed amin -,- sej lak , bole aa thn ade yg susa . PSV , snang gle aa . dlm mse 20 mint i da siap , HAHA . tah betol kew x -.- ehh (!) cty skola , yeayyyyyyyyyy . Nk kluar tahu , but xtahu nk kluar ngn spe . Nk tgk wyg laa . cte 'Alice in Wonderland' best gle tgk the making of dye , nk tgk tahu . Hope sgt cty niy jd kluar && dpt tgk tgk cte niy , amin :D