#This is about a girl named Nurul Fatirah. Was born on 1st December 1995. Surrounded by wonderful family and friends ;)

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Thursday, April 1

Runaway Love

'We Are The World 25 Years for Haiti' Pictures, Images and Photos
Yeahh ! td skola pnat , pnat && pnat tahu ? ish2 . Haa ! td i think ne pegi tuition rpe rpe nye tak , tuition i ary niy dibatalkan ! so , ape lg horayyy jee laa :D blek jee rumah , trus i on PC click MYSPACE . Tah tbetbe tgn gatal pegi search 'Never Let You Go' OMG ! gle aa , Bieber tahu ? Ohh , shit ! dye encem gle dlm video tuu , ase nk mnangis tgk ! dahh jtuh hati kt dye tahu ? Oopsss ! sory GEMOK ! HAHA , gle lahh i niy ! alaa , pe sala nye kn ? Tak sala kn kte obsessed ngn someone ? Alaa bjet korg xpnah kn ? HAHA && one more things this picture time Bieber nyanyi lgu 'We Are The World 25 for Haiti' dye laa yg pling comeellll ! Adoiiiii , gle tgk dye ^__^ HAHA