#This is about a girl named Nurul Fatirah. Was born on 1st December 1995. Surrounded by wonderful family and friends ;)

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Saturday, August 7

Stairway To Heaven

The story is about Han Jung-suh (Choi Ji-Woo) and her best friend Cha Song Joo (Kwon Sang-woo). As childhood friends, Han Jung-suh and Cha Song Joo had a special bond that blossomed into love. They were always by each other's side even when Cha Song Joo's father dies and when Han Jung-suh's mother dies. After a few months, Han Jung-suh's father meets an actress and falls in love with her. The two of them get married and Han Jung-suh is very happy that her father is finally smiling, stating to Cha Song Joo that she hasn't seen her father smile like that since before her mother died. After her stepmother moves in, she brings her real daughter Han Yoori and her son Han Tae-Hwa into her new family, but when Han Jung-suh's father leaves for work, her stepmother shows her true nature and assaults Han Jung-Suh.

*Sumpah cerita ni sedih ^^ MY BIG SISTER nanges tgk! HAHAHA, I pun nanges jugak