#This is about a girl named Nurul Fatirah. Was born on 1st December 1995. Surrounded by wonderful family and friends ;)

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Friday, October 29

Stop And Stare

HYE MALAYSIA! Yesterday, at my school almost all the students Form3 wear t-shirt sport. Semua bersemangat nak bersukan. Suddenly rain and all say "better we not have come school at today". I laughing when I hear them say it. Today, I sat home only. I really really bored now. I do not go out because my dad work. Hmm, many of my friends invited me out today. But, I do not want to because I really really lazy today.grr -.- HEY! This day at school have 'Hari Penyampaian Anugerah Kokurikulum' for students selected. I'm not selected, I do not like to be involved in the curriculum -___-